A person with lots of positivities and courage. A great leader, learner, loves to do experiments in life.
Graduated masters in computer systems with data science as focus work and currently working as a Data Scientist for one healthcare employer. Have 8 Years of prior work experience in IT. Worked internationally- India, New Zealand and USA.

Favorite lines 
  • If you want to go "FAST" go "ALONE", but if you want to go "FAR" go "TOGETHER".
  • "Change is the only constant thing in life." - Heraclitus
  • "To change any system, you have to be in the system."
  • "Stay Happy, Stay Blessed and Stay Busy!"
  • "Always remember, you are Stronger than you think, Braver than you seem and Loved more than you know." -Milne

Through this website I will try to reach out to maximum people and try to gain knowledge by sharing it.Hope to see more valuable inputs from you. Thank you for visiting!!
Stay tuned...