26 Oct

Kick start your career in Data - Tip#5

Be outstanding – Find out your strengths and utilize those to be outstanding in any area you are interested to build your career in.

You might have heard from people you are meeting / networking / approaching, lot more about being outstanding in area you would like to build your career in.

So general question – What I need to do, to be outstanding, to out-stand from other applicants who are looking to enter into data field? What should one have? Well answer is not straight forward, but definitely analyzing self-strengths and being creative & smart definitely helps to out-stand.

One needs to find out what he/she good at. It might be your writing, communication or leadership skills. Or you might be more innovative or creative. Answer to it is that every quality gives you an opportunity to be outstanding in area you are interested in.

If you want to show that, yes, I have all the skill-sets required but something additional which makes my profile stronger compare to other applicants, it could be your blogging, it could be hosting and organizing meetups/ events, it could be public speaking, it could be doing your own projects. All these qualities definitely help you out-stand from any other normal job applicant.

So, remember every quality has its own glory and benefits, you need to understand how you would like to use that to build your career in any specific field.

Talking specific about data, you might find lots of people doing and using Kaggle projects, but you might believe and showcase your own interesting projects apart from academics to show your skills and creativity. You might find lots of people going to technical meetups, but adding value to those meetups, showing knowledge and sharing it, also holding and organizing those might out-stand you from others. You might find people following lots of leaders to gain knowledge, but there will be only few who believes in sharing knowledge and enhancing skills. Only thing you need to find out which side you would like to prefer to out-stand yourself.

I have seen lots of people changing their resume as per data job roles, does that really a need? The answer is may be for automatic parsing system sometimes it is a need, but trust me, if you are good in any specific field or area, those obstacles don’t affect much.  Being creative at making your resume, is another separate topic, I will not go much in details for this blog, but rather than that important factor is “Finding out your strengths and utilizing those to out-stand yourself in the job market”. Hope you are following 😊. Remember "Everyone doesn't born as a SMART, but people definitely learn to be SMART".