17 Jan

As through my series #SoLeadSaturday, we are exploring a lot things about passion, career, growth, purpose and leadership. 

One more thing we are exploring or able to see is "Curiosity"

What is formal definition of a Curiosity?

Curiosity is nothing but a strong desire to know or learn something, it could be anything, learning about culture, environment, people, behaviors, technology, science, art anything.

Today, I would like to discuss top 3 words, which can help one to enhance their curiosity/curious mind.

To explore this, I am not going to use any popular/famous figure, or any leaders who inspired us in the past or any successful entrepreneur. 

Let's explore this with a common example, which can be related to every common person. As usage of social media is lot more popular these days with pandemic and I am also lot more active on it since last year or two. It would be a great example to explore.

If we see advantage of a social media paltforms, it gives you an opportunity to connect to lot more people, with diverse culture, backgrounds, careers, stories, talents, persoanlitiles and so on. I am connected to lot more and willing to connect with many more in upcoming future, and lot more interested to learn about people, their thinking , opinions.

So if I want to learn/know more about them, definitely I need to be curious. Then which are those keywords are going to enhance or fulfill my curiosity about it. The first word definitely is -

  1. Why?

Why people have different thinking? Why some people has same thought or opinion about somethings, while rest have some different thought/opinion? Why is it so?

This definitely leads to our next keyword which is

     2. How?

How differently can people think?How much can they think differently? How their opinions/thouhts are different?

which leads towards our third keyword which is

     3. What?

What kind of thinking do they have? What opinion do they have?

So these are the top 3 keywords always helps one to find the answers to the questions on topic/area they are interetsed in or passionate about. Also gives an opportunity to dig further down into that topic and enhance their curiosity/curious mind.

Hope this helps. Let me know your thoughts around it as I am learning from your inputs as well.

Until we meet, Happy Leading and Let's lead together. Stay safe. Bye for now.