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A person with lots of positivities and courage. A great leader, learner, loves to do experiments in life.
Graduated masters in computer systems with data science as focus work and currently working with UBS. Have 9 Years of prior work experience in IT. Worked internationally- India, New Zealand and USA.

Favorite lines 
If you want to go "FAST" go "ALONE", but if you want to go "FAR" go "TOGETHER".
"Change is the only constant thing in life." - Heraclitus
"To change any system, you have to be in the system."
"Stay Happy, Stay Blessed and Stay Busy!"
"Always remember, you are Stronger than you think, Braver than you seem and Loved more than you know." -Milne

Through this website I will try to reach out to maximum people and try to gain knowledge by sharing it.Hope to see more valuable inputs from you. Thank you for visiting!!
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Highlights - Immersive AI NYC Open Data Science Conference

hese kind of platform might not give you immediate opportunity to get into the field but definitely fulfills your needs and opens more doors for you. It certainly upto you how you utilize that time

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Kick start your career in Data - Tip#5

Find out your strengths and utilize those to be outstanding in any area you are interested to build your career in. Everyone doesn't born as a SMART, but people definitely learn to be SMART

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Kick start your career in Data - Tip#4

It’s not good to compromise before putting on efforts to achieve it. Be persistent & patient. I am sure things will work out for you one day, the way it worked for me.

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Kick start your career in Data - Tip#3

Never fall for finding any purpose talking to any person, you never know that contact can help you further in your career change. So, please “Seek, Network and Showcase”.

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Kick start your career in Data - Tip#2

Take an advantage and be wise to utilize the facilities provided by University.

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Kick start your career in Data - Tip#1

If you want to really worry about something then worry about understanding concepts right, worry about utilizing your university time effectively, worry about helping yourself on time. So please, “Be an explorer!!”.

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