24 Jun

We all know "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It's very funny even though we say its a subjective, while growing up in a conservative society, I found that when people used to describe any person's beauty, they used to tell about what complexion (skin color) they fall under. 

For me always being dusky skin person [ most dark complexion in almost entire family or extended family], never heard someone saying I look beautiful or nice except some of my close family members and friends. Then when I got into my higher school and college, I started understanding more about it and found that, majority of the society has the same definition as some of my extended family members. Beauty is nothing but a color of a skin for them. If your complexion is fair you are beautiful, if your complexion is brown or dusky or dark, you are not. Men it is still fine whichever complexion they have, as for men society felt its fine, their complexion doesn't matter much. Though its not about which gender you fall under... when majority of the society thinks that way.

When I travelled and explored some other countries and met different people, lot of them complimented me saying "I look beautiful, or nice or I am attractive". I didn't get it initially, I looked myself into the mirror and found that its same me, but just people, location and environment around me was changed.

So why does people see same person differently? Answer is easy - Because of genetics, environmental influences, social institutions, personal background, early childhood, family, and dozens of other factors, to varying degree.. lot of reasons to cause the thinking of a person and which turn makes the definition of "Beautiful" subjective. And when we think about colorblind or blind people, this phrase doesn't fit at all... as all they see are qualities... no external appearance. That should be the ideal definition of what is beautiful, when we say something beautiful. 

If beauty is a personal story for each of us, that would explain why different people find beauty in such disparate places depending on their taste, visual aesthetic, beliefs, and the meaning they read into things.  At the same time, we humans share biologies, cultures, fashions, art, and media, and so perhaps it is not surprising that we also tend to find beauty in similar things like sunsets, roses, works of art, music,  different colors, landscapes etc.

So when it comes to any person, suppose someone says, Brad Pitt is a handsome/ attractive guy, we will see on an average crowd of a people being agree on that. [That's the reason they earn more money esp in Modelling]

Study shows that when it comes to calling something beautiful a relatively low impact of genes and a higher impact of environment. So even though we say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and it is subjective, the question remains the same What is beauty, how much of it is in the eye of the beholder and where does it come from?

Do you have any answer for it? Do let me know if you have. Looking forward to your ideas or definitions about "beautiful".

Until we meet, Happy Leading and Let's Lead Together. Stay Safe. Bye for now.