16 Mar

How long one can stay back at home? If I think about it, even though we have different personalities extrovert, introvert, ambivert and so on, everybody needs some kind of social life, isn't it?

Generally, working from home is more productive, but that time too, people do social activities after work hours. It might be indoor or outdoor. Social distancing and having virtual connect with people, the idea itself is very sad.

But still, during this tough times, we see different people around us. Leaders who are encouraging people to pursue some hobby, learn new things, pursue some passion, or do things which you normally couldn't do, due to lack of time. This COVID-19 definitely giving some extra time to people to do what they want to do. Some Entrepreneurs or Influencers, we will find them taking advantage of this time to grow their network. Some industries might be worried about financial crisis or market drops. Researchers and Scientists might see an opportunity to do something which can save whole world. People who have to travel a lot for work, getting time stay at one place or be at home with family. 

Some kids might be fascinated with an idea of having online school or having FaceTime with a teacher once in a week.  Or some kids might be sad as they enjoy playing and going to the school. Foodie might be worried about eating same kind of a food. Working professionals with kids might be worried to keep kids engaged all day. Families with their kids being abroad might be worried thinking how would my kid will manage?. Graduates who recently graduated, might be worried getting into a job. Immigrants who were dreaming to come for their education abroad , might get affected as they might not travel due to this COVID-19 circumstances and their admit will get delayed, so might be worried about their educational / career gap. Different people, different personalities and different approaches!

Countless things, if we keep worrying. But one truth is that we are managing. 

Tough times comes and goes. One never has to worry so much about, whether I will die or survive in this situation. It's more about living the phase, whether its in our favor or in our oppose. So, it's ok, if you have to do social distancing for some time. Its more about taking care of yourself and in turn helping society to be safe. As some of the leaders are talking to take this time to improvise certain skills, pursue something new, find time to play with your kids and tell them stories, take some leap of faith and have a trust on science, saying "Everything will be fine". Things will turn into good automatically. So, Don't Panic! Stay Positive!

Only thing, we have to care right now is, Avoid the Spread and Take the Precautions! Yeah and of course, as google says, #DoTheFive - 

1. HANDS - Wash them often. 

2. ELBOW - Cough into it

3. FACE - Don't touch it

4. FEET - Stay more than 3ft apart

5. FEELsick? -  Stay home

How are you keeping yourself engaged during this tough times? Do you feel it is a tough time? Let me know what are you working on?

Until we meet, Happy Leading and Let's Lead Together. Bye for Now!