06 Feb

I love diversity as I love interacting with different people and listen to their stories.

Lot of times, I see people [including me], talking more specific to the languages, like he is a Spanish, she is a Marathi, she is a Telugu, he is an English, he is a German or on the basis of nationality like, you are American/Italian/Mexican or on the basis of regions or to go further on the basis of religions, castes and so on. Its very easy to make our ways and be comfortable, as sometimes its hard to understand the new culture, if you belong to some other culture or sometimes its hard to understand the language to speak/learn or sometimes the words you use, it can make different meanings. So we always try to find our ways to be comfortable in what we know.

Some of our professions IT/Businees etc., it makes our job easy as at least there is one common language shared which is "English" even though it has different versions, but the way its spoken in business its same, at least easy for other person to understand.

What I am learning or learnt so far is, getting to live as a Human [most intelligent species on the earth] is the biggest blessing of all. Its very easy to divide ourselves with those norms, as its more convenient or comfortable for some of us to be in own circle like regions/languages/countries etc.

It is completely ok to carry the pride of your own language or nationality or culture or so on, but its not required to impose that to someone else. Every person has a freedom to do whatever they want to. When it comes to any profession you are in, the basic criteria would be, if you are good at something you deserve that ,if you are not, you don't deserve that. Nothing counts more than that, according to me, as a leader[want to be one ;-)].

When it comes to a social gatherings, get togethers, its important to respect the different culture and spread the happiness. Recently, I attended one fusion wedding [so called "Indo-Western"], that was a true celebration of diversity, more than 10-15 countries people, coming together to bless the couple and celebrate the most precious gift on the earth "Diversity". I had the best time, never experienced that kind of happiness before. So, I was wondering why people have boundaries, there is so much in life to be thankful about, to be blessed about. Do boundaries really make any difference to people heart? Does HUMANITY stands above all? Does HAPPINESS is the most precious gift we can offer to people around us? Does GIVING is more important when it comes to caring? Does everyone DESERVE healthy life? Does PEACE is important aspect of all? Lots of questions, worth asking to ourselves and take actions to evolve ourselves. 

What do you think about diversity? What are pros and cons according to you? Do write me your thoughts. You don't have to agree on my thoughts always, as I am still evolving myself and will be the best leader possible one day.

Until we meet, Happy Leading and Let's lead together! Bye for now!