11 Mar

A recent tweet from Elon Musk made me think more about education. As I am trying to establish something around it for next generation through my youtube channel.

His tweet was, "don't confuse schooling with education, I didn't go to harvard, but people that work for me did"

I have seen many replies to this tweet, and if we see it, it is true, that, every person who holds Ph.D./MBA will not be a successful entrepreneur similar way, every sucessful entrepreneur might not hold a Ph.D./MBA or so on. This is same as whether you have relevent degree/experience to be the expert in that area or not. And defintely those are not related factors. or it might be possible that he has a best high skilled people working for him, make him more successful?

If we think about a person, he grows [professionally/personally] with lot more educational institutions, not only school/college but kind of family, society, culture that person belongs to make them who they are once they grow up. So education happens by all means, inside the school or outside the school.

If we see the tweet, there are 4 things here, school [degree], branded/ranked university, education and success/wealth.

The whole world is a big educational institute[school]. But being a kid it starts with a family and then next is school. 

Thats a necesssity, you need to have that foundation for maths, science, arts being a kid and less exposed to the world. It should not happen that liking or disliking of any subject starts at very early age, before getting to know the subject more, whether its math or science or history or art or so on. I have seen kids in the age group 7-13 saying and building that disliking of a subject very early and spending less time understanding it.

If we think about intelliegence and education those are two different things. Two siblings growing together grow differently even though they belong to the same family. Why does it happen? As every person has their own identity, own intelliegence but when we think at building the foundation for both of them, yes going to school or college plays an important role. As even though you are not born intelligent, education can lead you to that success. And school is a subset of that educational system.

You might have seen many examples of people around you, who might not be good at some subjects in their early age, but once they pick things up they start taking it seriously and do well for themselves once they grow up. But if they just give up on taking foundational level schooling, then how can you lead them to the success. 

Whether you get an admit to a #1 ranked school or not, doesn't matter as that is not a necessity to be successful entrepreneur or to be wealthy.

Study shows that, according to entrepreneur statistics, 67% of entrepreneurs went to college but nearly a third didn't. However, when it comes to the business-related education, only 9% have a Bachelor's Degree, while 3% got a Master's Degree or a PhD.

So if you see overall, all had their foundational level education before turning into successful entreprenuers.

To conclude I would say, even though its true that being successful/intelligent doesn't require a degree, going to school and being successful entrepreneur are two different things. Even though you might not be born intelliegent, if we build that proper education system it can make you smarter for sure and open the doors for success.And school is defintely a part of that educational system.

Let me know your thoughts around it, as I am learning from your inputs as well.

Until we meet, happy leading let's lead together. Stay safe. Bye for now.