31 Mar

This is getting discussed a lot in recent times, isn't it?

Where do we see the possibility of achieving it? Where won't we be able to? and why?

1. Financial Equality

Profession - Yes, it's possible across different genders with, same profile, skillset, and work experience to get paid equally. So, we can achieve that financial freedom at a professional level. But we can't really compensate for major life events <<mostly woman has it by nature>> and career gaps. 

Personal - When it comes to families, imagine one partner earning, or one sibling earning and being provider to rest of the family, versus, both partners earning or every sibling being independent and earning, being financial supporter, second scenario sounds better and healthier isn't it? As a human being when we start growing older, not every person can always take financial risks, having the burden of one person earning for entire family is not the healthy scenario. But when we think about both partners earning << I don't like to tag it like husband and wife as both partners who are going to live rest of their lives together, needs to be husband and wife, so maybe partner is a better term>>, and when we think about nature driven gender difference between a man and a woman, woman might need little more support, but it can be possible that, she is better at taking financial risks and can be a provider to the family while man is taking care of kids. So, we can't really compete here to have equality, but we can work on having a healthy family system, where financial dominance is not the driven factor of running the family culture. You just need mutual understanding and respect for each other, nothing more.

Equality of Expression

When it comes to speaking up your thoughts, your opinions, making your voice heard, we need equality across all genders. Also understanding that each opinion or each voice is counted, whether its professional life or personal life. Achievable.

Equality in decision making

This is again we need to work on and get that freedom to make your own decisions for life or professional career. You must discuss, take, or respect other opinions and hear them, but one should get that equality to make decisions irrespective of genders and a family to provide necessary support if needed.

A lot of the debate we see around genders man and woman when we talk about equality. One of the best ways when we are thinking about it, and current family systems, there is a scope to improve the upbringing system that we have, irrespective of a gender bias. May be trivial things like when you are asking a son to buy the grocery and a girl to cut the vegetables and stay in kitchen, it's possible to reverse those responsibilities sometimes that will help more to bring healthy family ecosystem if both knows everything and keep it unbiased. Another aspect is removing the thought or societal burden of son/husband/father always needs to be a financial provider when it comes to family ecosystem because sometimes it might be stressful for them and leveraging thought of making everyone financially educated and teaching importance of financial education, earnings, savings, investing and giving. These things a lot more times get neglected in family systems, but the truth is improving that thought and practicing on a day-to-day basis, can lead to achieve lot more equality across genders.

I would like to hear more from you. What do you think, where do we need equality in? Whether it is possible or not possible?

Let me know your thoughts as I am learning from your input as well.

Until we meet, happy leading and let's lead together. Stay safe. Bye for now.