14 Dec

As I am unable to deliver the #soleadsaturday podcast episode, I thought, let's write a blog on Growh Mindset. People who are already professionals might know about it but people who are still pursuing their education or looking forward to build their career in particular field, this is important quality to have.

A typical definition of growh mindset can be - Individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset. It helps to build the career as well as move it in the right direction. This helps one to achieve more than the fixed mindset people. Why so? because they worry less about looking smart and put more energy into learning.

So, is it true that having growth mindset always helps in career? Yes, most of the times. From my experience so far, sometimes you get into the competition like getting promotion, bonuses, compensations, sponsorships and why not? as it is a kind of motivation for an individual, if you receive something in return for your hard work. But, sometimes these competitions are too pity, so during that time its important to leave it, and think with growth mindset, what can you achieve outside of it?

I remember, after 2-3 years of my work experience, I started dreaming about going abroad at client location, so I got into the competition, competition to excel, get excellent client feedback, increase the accountability, increase the visibility, take additional responsibilities, work longer hours, keep asking manager or a lead for an additional work/responsibility. But, still this doesn't suffice to get an onsite opportunity, if you are a part of huge population, as I had to compete with not only my project peers but with my total department/unit peers. So, I need to work little more harder, form some cultural committee showing you are not only excellent at work, but you are excellent in organizing and founding a team, bring some social activity, plan some fun activities for the team ... create "the Visibility" in the department saying "I Exist". And after putting so much of efforts, you are still uncertain about whether you will be considered for that one golden opportunity or not?, which country you will travel?, and whether you will be enough lucky to get your VISA in a lottery to fly or not?. Argh, again back to a Luck Factor :-). I got lucky and travelled to New Zealand, easy to get VISA for. But, lot of my friends might have been disappointed at that point in their career not getting that opportunity.

If we think this situation with growth mindset and if I look back now, what did I achieve from it? Got to see a beautiful country, see different culture, got to know that the way I nod my head both the sides[sideways], confuses other person whether it's Yes or No [ Still I do it sometimes and say its "May Be" :-D], made some awesome friends and learnt about a new culture. Got the feeling that, I became rich [financial aspect] for a while and have some bank balance in my Indian account [Currency Conversion makes the difference]. Perhaps, it was shorter time happiness and when returned back, tried to invest in a real estate, disappointed to see that, still I am poor and don't have enough bank balance. One best thing happened is that, I stopped worrying about getting lucky, and started believing in myself more, got to know more of my strengths and got away from materialistic investments. But still sometimes, I fall back again for such things, being in competitive world or being ambitious, but I learnt the ways to bring myself back and not to fall for those things.

Lesson learnt was always keep the growth mindset, if you forget, take a pause and re-think again, its good to have competition but at the end what matters is what did you learn?, what are you capable of? and what would be next, if certain things didn't work out in your life. Keep up the spirit and lead your life! Until we meet, happy leading and let's lead together :-). Bye for now.