07 Sep

What is happiness? How does one can feel , experience it? Why is it hard for someone to be happy? Why does someone always see sadness around themselves? Why am I not happy? Is it possible to create it? How can one earn it? Can money buy happiness? Does it mean being free from all cares?

When we think about it, lot many things are associated with our personal mindset and how we find happiness in. So it might be question of happiness in a personal life, professional career, your status in society and many more.

Some say one can feel happiness, when you are satisfied and fulfilled or feel life is good. Let's discuss things one by one and find what happiness is.

Money can buy our happiness until it satisfies our basic needs, beyond that even money can not buy it. Otherwise rich person would have been happy always and poor person would have been unhappy always. But that never happens. 

It doesn't have any secret recipe that one can cook in the kitchen, or any scientific laboratory where one can generate/create it.

When we think about first factor which is different classes in the society- lower class, middle class, upper middle class, high class - definition of it changes at every level. So definitely, in a way we let our society status affect our happiness as these classes are  defined on our financial status in the society.  The first factor which is completely in our hand to ignore the society status/standard and be happy.

Next factor we can think about is professional career. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, sometimes its just matter of time to get what one want, some people earn it early in their age, for some it might take little longer, but one has to believe in their own capabilities and never give up from trying. Again this second factor is also not very much going to count towards our happiness.

Third thing is people - family, friends around you. This is again ones choice whom to give value and whom you shouldn't, whose opinion counts to you more and basically who will be there for you in your difficult times. So the third factor is again completely in ones hand to be happy. May be you would prefer to have more positive/like minded people around you to be happy.

Basically if we keep going down further, its all depend on that individual person, how he/she sees happiness within or around. No one else is responsible for anybody's happiness. Its our mindset which is going to help us to be happy.

There is no definition for happiness, one has a freedom to decide how to feel happiness. Definitely factors like money, achievements, progressions, status, victories can make you experience it more, but up-to certain extent, beyond that nobody can make oneself/someone happy. Also, it doesn't mean one has to be happy everyday neither there is a reason to be unhappy always.

There is only one thing you can have is good mindset, and giving no/less importance to the people around you who makes you feel or give a reason to be unhappy. Always have a self esteem.

Let me know your ideas/thoughts around happiness. What makes you happy/unhappy? I would love to listen those.

Until we meet happy leading and let's lead together. Stay safe. Bye for now.