05 Mar

We know that, there are a different kind of attitudes, when we see different people around - whether its professional life, personal life or social life. Each person carries an unique attitude. 

Some might be more positive, some might be more energetic , some might be always complaining or disappointed, some might be competitive, some might be aggressive, some might be very easy going and so on. I am not going to say that, you should have this attitude or that attitude or I am not going to say this is a good attitude and that is a bad one. We will keep comparison of these attitudes topic for later some time in another blog.

But, one thing I have seen along with this attitude is that, when we look for fighting against some obstacle or struggle somewhere while growing in a career or in a life is - "Helping Yourself" attitude/quality. Let's discuss about it.

This definitely helps one to always be curious, ask questions, which in turn helps to find the right approach or you might end up finding a solution for it. I feel in anybody's career or in a life, this is a very important attitude to have. It helps to keep yourself pro-active, find answers to the questions and then help build the thought process.

Many a times, in our professional career or in our lives, we see people around us, blaming others for something. This never happens when things are is one's favor or happening the way person expects those to happen. This tendency comes when some mistake happens or something bad happens or when there is any failure or something which is not working the way it is expected to work, and then people tend to deliberate the things on someone else's shoulder. But they forget that, when they are finger pointing someone for which they are responsible 100%, rest all four fingers point at them. It's easy to blame others, but it's difficult to take responsibility of it and take right actions on it.

If we talk about any social or personal life example, you might have seen people, either they are not doing well for themselves or struggling and giving blame to their LUCK or GOD or Family Members or Society. As this is a very easy way to blame someone instead of helping yourself.

The truth is, if you help yourself and take some actions towards it, you might end up finding everything working for you the way you want or find things happening in your favor or may be you find more support from your family or society or you might think it's your luck or god which is in your favor. It might require lots of efforts and patience along side. But most important action in this entire process is to gain what you deserve or what you want is "Helping Yourself". Same is applicable to your career as well. And remember to "help yourself " you have to "be yourself!"

Let me know what's your attitude? Do you like to help yourself first, before blaming someone else for it? What do you think about this "Help Yourself" attitude. I would like to hear your thoughts around it too, so please do write me on any of my social media platforms.

Until we meet, Happy Leading and Let's Lead Together! Bye for Now!