19 Dec

When one finds his/her own interests, how it converts into hobby instead of a passion or choice of a career? Let's figure out what happens and what goes wrong when area of interest becomes hobby.

What is Hobby? - If I define it, its kind of passive interest, may be you try different things, find something interesting and .enjoy doing it once in a while or on the side.

What is Passion? - Its kind of active interest, something burning inside you or something which you always come back to.

How ones interests gets converted into Active or Passive? If one finds that, he/she is interested in Arts or Science or Music or Architecture or Communications or Modeling or so on. Does everything comes back to Time and Money? Does your parents influence you in any of your decisions? Does people tend to convert interests to passive which are more time consuming to establish a career in or less effective to get early financial stability or requires lots of investment? In turn become a Hobby? Or people who have less courage and risk taking abilities due to other responsibilities [financial, family, have a society status, parents pressure etc.], tend to convert their interests into hobby and don't look into their primary interests which can give them less returns [Money aspect]. If we think about a common person, yes may be its important to earn that financial stability and their is nothing wrong in it. Does success is defined on the basis of your financial status in the society? Yes, most of the times.

Does following a passion, makes a person less successful? Study shows that - https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/22/stanford-researchers-following-your-passion-makes-you-less-successful.html. According to this study it shows that, "focusing on following a single passion made people less likely to consider new potential areas of interest. This close-minded view can be detrimental to the success of the individual and to the success of communities. Instead of thinking of your career as an opportunity to follow your passion, the researchers suggest thinking of life as a series of opportunities to develop several passions."

I totally agree with them. Its not required that, you should be passionate about only one thing in life or think about making that passion as your career choice always, when you have other priorities/responsibilities in life. As Success can't be measured in terms of Money. If you google you will find tons of blogs and articles giving you insights on how to major a true success.

So it's ok, to have some of your interests to be your hobbies if they are not giving you enough returns or sometimes your parents doesn't think your interests are good career choices, as its not required to convert every interest into a passion, or may be some of you can covert that into passion along the journey of your career.

I remember one incident, during one of my university event, I was an event assistant. One CEO came as a guest on that event. After the event was done we had breakout room to have dinner with the CEO, so I got a chance to interact with that CEO. While we were talking, she asked me a question - My daughter is 15 year old, but she has no interest in computers, she is only interested in Arts, how can I work on building her interests in Computers? I had no answer for it, she was interested to know, how did I find my interest, but I just replied saying, "thats great she found one, I don't think I found mine, when I was her age."

If I look into it now, I think I would have had better answer saying, "she found her interest, but may be she will figure that out whether its her hobby, passion or career choice, with your help."

What do you think about your interests, passions, hobbies and career choices? What do you think matters most to you? Do you think we always confuse between our hobbies, passions and career choices? Do let me know your stories, how did you find it that it's not your passion or not your career choice or it can be only your hobby.

Until we meet happy leading and lets lead together. Bye for now.