07 Dec

After my series Knowledge Byte, Technical Tuesday or Thoughtful Thursday, I realized that, its important to have a platform where people can lead, share their experiences and in a way lots of people, who are trying to build their career will get benefited.

I am overwhelmed to see kind of questions people came up with. So, this blog is purposely for those people who had questions around leadership and whether is it biased or not-

Is a Leadership biased? - on a Gender or a Nationality or a Comfort or Favors or a Politics or a Competition or so many things?

Lets take things one by one -

Gender or Comfort - Sometimes yes, but as we are in a world of equality, rather than gender differences, its more about, comfort or a personality. Some female leaders are good with having more female around or male around them, Some might prefer balance, same with Male leaders. I am quite less experienced to talk about it, as yet to achieve that level of leadership [global leadership] but when I started my career, I had a female manager, she used to have less women and more men around her, then I got under male leadership and they also used to prefer more men around them. So, I realized, something is wrong in this, there should not be any Gender thing when it comes to a leadership, though leaders comfort is important, its important to have unbiased leadership when it comes to a gender. If Women think that they need to get equality, they need to support other women more, and then expect other genders to support them. For men leaders its important for them to understand that some women can do better than men.

Some leaders are really good at handling different personalities in a group they are leading, and try to give the team whatever is needed. As they believe in building that Trust and fulfilling team aspirations. So, rather than gender or comfort, its important to build the trust within the team. 

Competition and politics- Yes, being a leader its important to keep that friendly competition within the team, but it should not be discouraging someone. It should have some kind of competitive spirit followed with appreciations or rewards. If leader keeps expecting everything from a single person, but don't even value that person's contribution, its worthless. Then question will be why that person will believe that leader? Competition can be on a different levels, it can be team level, vertical level, department level, region level or organization level and so on. Which I will keep up-to the leader to decide, what they prefer to have, but when you are competing its important to excel and give whatever is needed to the team to gain that excellence. And due to this competition may be sometimes people get into politics to achieve that growth - may be individual growth, department growth, to be the first one or organizational growth.

Nationality or Racism - Yeah, some leaders are into it. But really? being educated or being in a professional environment, isn't it worth asking a question why? Does humanity stands above all this?  I don't have much to talk on this, but that is something every individual has to decide irrespective of whether its professional or social life and value other individual irrespective of all other factors. And being a leader, its important that you don't fall for such things. You might get influenced but being a leader you should be able to remove those differences.

When it comes to leadership, its hard to balance everything, but achieving team trust, being a provider to the team [whatever team needs], being unbiased are some of the things, which are easy to achieve being at leadership level. All other things, every leader has to decide how much they want to balance on that part.

These are some of the things I can articulate on the basis of your questions.

I am very inexperienced in that area, as yet to achieve that level in my career, so might be wrong in some aspects.

I would like to hear your thoughts around this too. So, let me know, what kind of leadership you always look for? What would be your approach, if you will be a leader one day?