09 Apr

Today I thought about sharing some of my stories, where I started understanding liking of subjects or where teachers found my strengths and encouraged me further. 

I was in a particularly good school, I must say during my 1st to seventh grade, though it wasn't a big city, a small-town school in Kolhapur district MH INDIA [far better developed than my hometown/birthplace], where I started getting exposure to, all areas, whether it was science, arts, or sports. Most of my schoolteachers always encouraged as well as travelled with students for district or state level competitions.  I participated in plays/acting, essay writings, drawings, dancing, plays, science speeches and so on.  And still can't deny the fact why my school was best, it was because of my school's leader- headmaster and his vision. 

I started liking languages or physics because of kind of teachers I met and the way they used to teach it. I never had to memorize something because of their teaching style. It used to happen organically.

I wasn't particularly good at sport, but still I participated and when started growing up started building a habit to explore things. I am not good at it until now, but I remember, when I mentioned that thing to one of my sport teachers, he said, any sport requires lot of qualities, I know you might not be my best player, but you are going to be a best captain for my team.

Still, I am not a sportsperson, but I am a bossy person, who my teacher found in me at exceedingly early of my age. And I still have lot more interest in leadership.

Throughout my schooling I was a class president, somehow not sure, but always found that whenever I stand for something, I get enough women support alongside, whether it was my college life or professional career. Some of the men leaders I came across they supported me in my career journey as well. And those male/female leaders who didn't, I learnt lot of things from those as well and found what qualities I will avoid when I reach to their level.

So, as I mentioned it couple of times through my blogs, learning happens in all kinds of experiences, whether those are positive or negative, things in your favor or in you oppose.

What are some of your school stories? Did you like/hate any specific teacher? Did you like any subject because of your teacher and the way of teaching? I would love to hear your stories. So, keep me posted on those.

Until we meet, happy leading and let's lead together. Stay safe. Bye for now.