24 Dec

This small blog is completely to express my gratitude towards kind of community support I received through my Initiatives.

Two words "THANK YOU", but often times in our busy life we forget to say those. So a very big Thank You for being an amazing community and contributing, supporting my initiatives.

I participated in 40 days "Apprecitation challenge", which made me realize all things in my life or around me, which I should be Thankful or Grateful about.

And no doubt, kind of people I came across or an opportunity I recieved to connect/speak/interact with them through my initiatives, made me feel more Thankful and Grateful. 

Even we say Year 2020, is the year to delete or the year to forget, I would say this is the biggest year of realizations we came across, figured out effective ways of working as well as furture of working, figured out what matters the most to us and figured out some of the things which we should not be sad about when everything gets back to normal.

So can't thank enough to all of you as well as this year 2020

<though, wish have had these realizations before getting into situations like 2020>

Let me know what are you Thankful or Grateful about, I would love to hear back from you.

Until we meet, Happy Leading and Let's Lead Together. Stay Safe. Bye for now.