07 May

Last weekend, I came across an another great video from #probably #tomfoolery. The thought of "The Great Realisation" starts with a request from a small boy to his dad, "Tell me one about the virus again" <due to covid 19, apparently became kids story before the bedtime, what a present> :-)

I will not modify anything, and with all due respect to the writer, will not include the writing portion, anybody can check it on social media platforms. I would say worth spending your 5 minutes watching/listening it.

The story elaborates more on, how society is transformed before quarantine and after quarantine. And then summarizes... with an answer to a little boy's question of ... "Why did it take a virus to bring back people together?"

I bet everybody can relate to it. So, its obvious, its breaking the internet and all over the place with millions of views and posts on social media platforms.

When I look into it, yes, a lot of good changes happened with this corona situation. I can see myself changing and for sure some people around me too. People came together, family time is increased, work culture improved, everyone became more health cautious, people got the vision to see the future more clear and definitely a good reality check happened, where everybody found importance of a good, healthy and happy life or I would say everybody found a lost in times secret of good, healthy and happy life. 

But if you see, this story summarizes it very nicely that, to get some realizations in life you have to get through bad phase in your life sometimes to see the better things ahead. 

Why can't people envision it when everything is fine around them? I would say its a part of how any human being work. We discussed in one of my prior blog that when things are in ones favor, most of the times people forget the kindness or forget to give credit to someone. But when it comes to things which are in oppose, human tendency is generally to blame others. Only some can stand and take the responsibility. Most of the people tend to deliberate it. 

In current situations too, you can see lot of people, being careless, or forget that if they become a carrier of a virus they can infect many more people. Its same right, we are coming back to the "Change" again. Its very hard, when we think about changing anything around us. Even though we are in such a difficult times at the moment, I hardly feel people can change themselves. It is an individual choice for sure. 

Many people say that, education makes people more aware, but I never stand for that, as have been from rural areas to urban cities until now in my upbringing and I have seen illiterate people, living in rural areas, having more harder lifestyle, have very good values in their lives and kindness. So, I definitely don't think education is making any difference, which ideally it should. 

I am sure we will get out of this phase soon and get back to our normal lives. But question remains the same - are we really going to learn something from this situation? Aren't we been in difficult times before? How did we change ourselves until now then? Are we going to remove those differences? when it comes to work culture / social culture /specific region culture, can we have kindness as a culture? Does everyone going to think about "Peace" as the important aspect of life and "humanity" as the only race? Does everyone going to dream hard enough to have better tomorrow to get all these things true? That would be a true great realization in my views.

Let me know what do you think about this, "what a great realization do you have in this current circumstances"? I would like to hear your thoughts too. As I know, lot of you might have got into new hobbies, me too have some new things in my list. And thats a good thing. So please keep posting me on any of my social media platform.

Until we meet happy leading and let's lead together. Bye for now!