20 Feb

I always heard that, you find your turning point in a life or in a career. Did you guys ever heard about this turning point or experienced it so far, any point of time in your life or in your career?

Turning point... hmm... What it is exactly? How does it happen? When do you realize it? How can it help someone to grow, move in right direction?  According to me, it is generally a point/moment where one realizes his/her own esteem and takes some actions to achieve that. It's not required to happen to everyone, but most of the times, you always seek for good things and some day find this turning point, and then just climb up high in your life or in a career. When you look back, you always remember this point /phase where you recognize that this was your turning point in a career or in a life.

As I always keep looking to grow and want be a wealthiest person, obviously much more interested to learn about this turning point. Then I started looking for books or some articles/blogs online. Read lots of things about it. Lots of successful entrepreneurs explained their turning points, which in turn changed their businesses, Lots of professionals who chosen the different path in their career and in turn just everything changed for them and so on. Found lots of material around it.

Then I came across this very interesting blog on it - https://saracanaday.com/identifying-turning-points-make-us-great/, where writer says - We believe that, somehow destiny selects these people in secrecy and decides to give them extraordinary paths to follow leaving the rest of us with no hope of achieving great things. And while it’s true that many successful people are intelligent and possess some natural ability, most of the people I’ve worked with over the years can look back into their histories and pinpoint key turning points that drove them down their current path. And no, that turning point did not include destiny holding a sign with an arrow reading, “this way, we’re expecting you.” But if it’s not lady destiny with a sign, then what is a turning point? It can be defined as a subtle or stark shift set in motion by a person, event, or epiphany that has sent you down a different path and in the process transformed what you were into what you have now become. 

I couldn't agree more on this point but still not a true destiny believer either. As the writer further mentions that, sometimes one identifies a turning point immediately, sometimes it takes years to identify it or sometimes turning point happens before even one is born [true destiny]. Also, turning point can happen any no. of times in a life or in a career.

I am sure, I am not the one who falls under the third category. I feel one of my turning point in a life happened,  when I decided to stand for something which was entirely in my hands, not on my luck [don't like to rely on it], and came to pursue my further studies in my dream country. In a way, I was lucky, because, I had a whole family to support my decision, which lots of people lack most of the times. When I made my choice to come for masters, I was not aware of, whether this is going to be my turning point in a life or not, as I had  a good career before, good life before which I left behind, except certain traditions or thought processes which I don't support, everything was perfect in my life. But now, I feel my decision was a great choice for my career as well as for my life. So might be sometimes you realize it when you look back, same I feel now. My decision to pursue my masters was some how a turning point for me, but does that mean I am successful? According to me, I am not,  as I am still seeking a career growth, leadership roles, more financial stability [biggest aspect for me to be independent in this aspect, as I feel every woman needs to be financially independent and stable] and have a BIG dream. 

I remember, we discussed this in my prior blog that, success has many factors involved. So turning point and success might be or might not be co-related. When any person thinks about it, this is really a very hard thing to find isn't it? so called - "the turning point". Definitely, proper analysis, decisions, career choices, people network, help you to identify one, but still it is a combination of hard-work plus destiny.  Also, its not always necessary that, this turning point can bring positive things in your life or in your career. It might be possible that some of your decisions went wrong. But one thing is sure about this turning point is that, it brings CHANGE either in your favor or in your oppose.

I am very keen to know your stories around this turning point. Do you believe in it or not? How did you realize it in your career or in your life?  What changes did it bring to your life or to your career? Can it happen only once in a life or in a career? Please do write me your thoughts around it. I am sure I would be able to learn more from your experiences.

Until we meet, Happy Leading and Let's Lead Together! Bye for now!