03 Jul

Freedom or independence - I learned more about it, as I started growing, met diverse people, and traveled a bit. Obviously, when I moved to the United States back in 2016, I started understanding it, increasingly, and really value it a lot.

So, when we think about these terms' freedom or independence, where do we need it? as sometimes it's considered as a drawback in culture, society, or families? why does it happen? Some people might feel freedom/independence is not good, as it might destroy family/society values or cultural values. How can we keep both things together? or how can we have a balance of both?

When we think about freedom or independence, 

I think about, Freedom/independence in -            

     1.  being able to think independently          

     2. being able to speak or express the thoughts [freedom of expression]     

     3. being able to have opinions of your own on certain things          

     4. being able to manage your finances by yourself [financial independence]        

     5. being able to explore yourself, find yourself, increasingly as you grow     

     6. Finding ways to lead your own life/career [life of your own]    

     7. having own personal space

in short, just being yourself. But that doesn't mean, you can't compromise, doesn't mean you can't have family values, doesn't mean you can't be a part of society culture. It is just understanding that gap and coming with an approach to be yourself, that's what matters. 

A lot of times, people mislead this freedom/independence unnecessarily and don't value it at all or confuse it with the unnecessary burden of losing society culture/family values. But freedom/independence is a chance to be "better". And obviously, it doesn't mean, you can't listen to others, or you can't get influenced by someone or agree on the same thing. But while you are doing all these things, you have your own independence to be yourself and decide what is right or wrong for yourself. 

What is freedom/independence mean to you? Do you value it or? not? If not, start valuing it now. Also, let me know your thoughts around it, as I am learning from your inputs as well. 

I am trying to build this culture through my initiatives. So, if you would like to share anything about culture, your stories, your interests, your thoughts, please feel free to reach out to me.

Until we meet. happy leading and let's lead together. Stay safe. Bye for now.