27 May

Hey guys, I wrote a poem two days back to participate in #ChallengeHumanity and I am really very happy to share it with you all. If prefer to listen click here .

If you would like to read here you go -

When I watched “The Great Realization”

I was knowing it’s going to be a sensation

Why? As it has everything that people can connect at the moment

Whether you are a kid or a parent or a grandparent

Then I shared it on a LinkedIn

It happened the same way to every other person

It was trolling all over on social media platforms

Everybody wants to know who is this “Tom Foolery”? and what are his charms?

I wrote a blog saying “The Great Realization in my Views”

Talking more about kindness as a culture and humanity as a race to choose

We all are in tough times, some say it’s a future, some say it’s a not

Some might hate it, but everybody is trying to express their thought

While Researchers, scientists, doctors and nurses are working day and night

Leaders are fighting to find the economic drop off and origin of the fault

I am more social, for me remote work is fine but not the distancing

This is kind of a prison, where I don’t know how to go for confessing

I started working out, washing, cooking, painting, chatting and baking

Still feel there is something inside me which is not working

When we say its humanity, never forget it’s an act of a God, so don't be sad

As Tom said, to realize great things in life, you might need to see bad

Hope is always a good thing for a humankind

There is no fear for failure and definitely have a peace of mind

That’s why I say, be kind, honest and hopeful

Most precious way to make yourself cheerful

So hello everybody out there - stay safe take care and remember

Humanity is always at the top and nothing really matters ever

-     Vaishali Lambe

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Until we meet happy leading and let's lead together. Bye for now.