24 Oct

Kick start your career in Data Tip #4

Be hardworking, persistent and patient – Always be persistent and have patience to achieve what you want. Hard work always pays you back.

We talked a lot about, exploring, learning things, networking, showing knowledge or interest. Though the keywords sound very easy, it’s a very hard and continuous process. Most of the people have tendency to give up in between. I don’t think it’s their fault, but it’s an attitude or a human tendency, where everybody needs or seeks a success and a fame overnight. Bitter part is, it never happens so. Always we see success of a person but never see how long it took for that person to get that success or a fame. There might be some exceptions who became billionaire in early age, but life wasn’t easy for any one of them after that too, even though they achieved so much success, maintaining, digesting and further growing that success is an important factor.

As we know, data field is in a boom right now, in the job market and there are lots of job opportunities/openings in similar area, salaries are pretty fat too. No doubt, every individual wants to build their career into it. In result it’s competitive field. And considering the kind of  job application process we have, - it’s not effective, it’s almost outdated in turn people hardly get calls. Lots of profiles get filtered out with automated parsing system. So, students might find it challenging to get interview calls, but its important to be patient and persistent. You should not lose your interest and patience if you are really looking to get into any specific job role. Keep applying to jobs through online job boards. People with whom you are networking always handover your resume. Its important not to give up and if you don’t then definitely you will get what you want.

Career change or technology change though they sound very easy, its easy on learning part, but always hard on getting into that first job opportunity.

I do remember, when I started my job search in Data science, my first concern was, why do they need PhD candidates? How come degree can be a filter to any job role? How experience doesn’t take priority over the degree? No doubt you are going to be in similar situation now or later. But one very good quality I have is, " I never give up ". I was persistently applying to jobs – all the platforms – LinkedIn, Glass door or Monster [whichever you feel or all]. And finally got into one opportunity.

If you are getting your masters or PhD in any specific area, it is required to work hard and get into same area of interest. There might be more challenges being an immigrant or being new in that field, but definitely these three qualities helps to overcome those challenges.  So, keep applying. It’s not good to compromise before putting on efforts to achieve it. Be persistent & patient. I am sure things will work out for you one day, the way it worked for me.

Happy job hunting!